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Social Clubs

Social Clubs

Social Clubs focus on building social skills within a variety of settings and activities through the use of ABA. Groups are formed based on the individual strengths and needs of each student, which are evaluated through a Social Skills Assessment before placement. Throughout each program, teachers implement specific social skills programming to guide each participant toward individualized objectives while maximizing opportunities for peer engagement. Systematic data is collected and analyzed frequently to ensure that each child makes effective progress.

SEP group leaders have extensive experience with children with special needs and a comprehensive knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Most groups have an assistant who is available to provide support to the students and collect data on progress being made. One-to-one assistance may be provided if a student requires additional support. Group leaders and assistants are supervised and supported by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, who oversees curriculum, teaching methodologies and student progress.

Group leaders will promote a number of social, emotional, and behavioral targets during group including: forming and maintaining peer relationships, nonverbal communication and body language, social perspective taking, self-regulation, impulse control, and frustration tolerance.

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