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Frequently asked questions

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health, Harvard Pilgrim, and most Mass-Health plans.

Are behavioral services covered by Heath Insurance?ABLS services are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, United, MassHealth, and some self funded plans like Microsoft.

Are home services provided year-round?
We typically provide services 48 weeks per year to allow for staff vacations, but 52-week programs are also available.


How does one become licensed in behavior analysis? 

In order to be licensed as a behavior analyst in Massachusetts, a professional must complete a masters degree, supervised experience, and pass the national examination.

What is the training and experience of the instructors?

Our instructors are experienced in supporting people using ABA methodology. Many instructors also have bachelors degrees or are registered behavior technicians (RBT). 

What is the difference between consultation and direct services?
Consultation is provided by certified/licensed behavior analysts to parents or teachers.
Direct services are provided by experienced and trained instructors who are supervised by Masters level Certified/Licensed Behavior Analysts. 

Where do the Social Clubs take place?
Social Clubs are offered virtually and at our center in Wellesley.

When should I expect my report?
Educational evaluations, program assessments, and transitional assessment reports are submitted one month after the feedback.

Do you treat children with disorders other than Autism?Yes. We have found that children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Non Verbal Learning Disabilities, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders respond very well to behavior analytic intervention.

How often is supervision provided?

Supervision hours are proportional to the number of hours of direct service per week. For programs of four hours per week, supervision will be provided every other week. Ten hour programs require weekly supervision. Full time (30-40 hours per week) require a minimum of four hours of supervision per week.


Covid FAQs

  • Please cancel sessions if you or anyone in your home exhibits fever, severe cough, vomiting, diarrhea, or profuse or green nasal discharge.


  • COVID attestations are sent weekly to all staff and families. Staff or any person present in the home must be fever-free for SEVEN DAYS before returning to ABLS or receiving home based services.


  • All Staff will be wearing masks. Gloves will be used while assisting students with activities of daily living.   


  • Nasal discharge and saliva must be treated with universal precautions.  Children should be prompted to blow or wipe their nose and dispose of the tissues.


  • Children should be prompted to wash their hands after touching their eyes or nose, before eating, and after eating.  


At the Center: 
We have doubled our janitorial staff’s hours and are increasing vigilance around universal precautions:


  • Everyone will be required to wash their hands prior to entering the center.


  • Toys that cannot be bleached have been removed from play areas.


  • All high traffic surfaces are being disinfected at least three times a day.


In the Home:

  • Families have been asked to make antibacterial soap (dish soap is effective), tissues, and hand lotion available in their homes as increased focus on handwashing and nasal hygiene may result in skin dryness. 

  • Family members are expected to wear masks whenever they are 6 feet or less from ABLS staff.  Children over 5 are expected to wear masks or participate in mask wearing programs.

With your help we are confident that we can face this challenge successfully as a community!


With warmest regards,

Mariela Vargas-Irwin 

Executive Director, ABLS

Covid Faqs
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