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Out Patient Therapy

Out Patient Therapy

At ABLS we believe that the entire family may need support when a child receives a diagnosis of Autism. Our team of Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists specializes in ongoing weekly psychotherapy with children on the Autism Spectrum, their parents, and siblings.

We work with people ages 5 and up with Autism and other developmental challenges to target a range of issues including: impulse control and other executive functioning challenges, establishing and maintaining relationships, emotional regulation and awareness, perspective taking and reading and understanding social contexts, and navigating specific challenges of having ASD within the school system and/or larger society. We also provide outpatient therapy for parents and siblings to address the unique challenges within a special needs household. Our model includes promoting self-care, coaching for parenting challenges and co-parenting, providing further psychoeducation on a child’s presenting diagnosis and challenges, and processing grief and emotional struggles often associated with raising a child with special needs in our work with parents. We also strive to provide a supportive and facilitative environment for siblings of children with special needs where they can work to strengthen their relationship with their brother or sister, understand and learn more about the challenges their sibling is presented with, and process their own feelings around their family dynamic and potential challenges.

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