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Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process

Our intake process is designed to assist families in navigating the complex special education system and identifying areas of strength and need for each individual. Beginning with diagnosis, we assist families in designing an early intervention program to fit their particular circumstances. We often begin with an intensive behavior analytic program as extensive research in the field indicates that 25-30 hours a week of one-to-one behavior analytic intervention is the treatment of choice for young children with Autism.

A treatment plan with skill acquisition objectives and behavior reduction goals is then presented to the family. The treatment plan is modified every six months (or sooner if the child is turning three). A re-evaluation using the same criterion and norm referenced instruments is conducted every year. This is an opportunity for the entire team and the family to re-evaluate priorities, decide whether to increase services, and, most importantly, recognize and celebrate the child’s accomplishments.

The majority of families choose to continue receiving ABLS services after their child turn three. Given our extensive experience with school systems and the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) process, we often collaborate with the early intervention staff and provide the family with specific recommendations that can be presented to the receiving school district. Depending on the services offered by the school and the timing of the third birthday, families often continue receiving services without interruption until the child goes to school.

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