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Clubes sociales ABLS

Desarrollo de habilidades sociales en clubes sociales.

Nuestros clubes sociales se enfocan en desarrollar habilidades sociales dentro de una variedad de entornos y actividades mediante el uso de ABA. Los grupos se forman en función de las fortalezas y necesidades individuales de cada estudiante, que se evalúan a través de una Evaluación de habilidades sociales antes de la colocación. A lo largo de cada programa, los maestros implementan programas específicos de habilidades sociales para guiar a cada participante hacia objetivos individualizados mientras maximizan las oportunidades para la participación de los compañeros. Los datos se recopilan sistemáticamente y se analizan con frecuencia para garantizar una medición continua y decisiones basadas en datos.  


Pre-School Program

Our Preschool Program combines center and home based services depending on the needs of each family. We utilize traditional discrete trial methods such as discrete trials as well as natural environment teaching (NET) while working on developing emotional regulation and social skills.


Elementary Age Social Clubs

Elementary school children attend ABLS every afternoon. We work on social and emotional regulation skills using evidence-based curricula and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Computer Class

Teen Group

Our teens come to the center on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to work on social and emotional regulation skills using evidence-based curricula and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Leisure exposure is an important part of the program. Teens participate in sports, art, and community outings.


Young Adult Services

Young Adult Services (YAS) include behavior analytic intervention aimed at developing functional and executive functional skills for independent living. Vocational skills are explored via our Paralegal and Bookkeeping programs. YAS groups are also available to discuss relationships, social media, and coping skills using Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

combining home, school, and center based services. We combine self-directed DSS funding with insurance billing for full time supports. 


DDS funding is typically used for transportation and vocational support. Our young adults currently hold positions at Brigham and Women's Hospital (data entry), private car repair shops, and at ABLS. The Paralegal Assistant and Bookkeeper training programs at ABLS involve tasks that capitalize on their attention to detail such as photocopying, collating, and bank reconciliations.


Insurance funding is used for social skills and to address behavioral challenges. We focus on self-care, staying home alone, and community inclusion. Our young adults typically participate in a social group twice a week and/or community outings (typically on Fridays). 

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